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Run by Brian (aka Mr TTR) Sussex and his wife Trish.

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Please ask for a quote for postage. We can upgrade if you need the parts urgently. We have many overseas customers and we do our best ship to any country we are able and as cheaply as we can.

We always apply combined postage saving for multiple items - email your wish list to sales[@] (remove the square brackets) with what you would like to buy and we will return a quote. To help keep our costs down, payment by bank transfer (BACS) is always preferred for UK buyers, otherwise we use PayPal. PayPal is the only option for overseas buyers. More shipping and payment details here


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Air filters Exhaust - shorty header pipe - BACK IN STOCK!

Petrol tap repair kit

All Balls bearing kits Exhaust studs

Piston kits

Bar risers - multi height Exhaust system - Motad 100% stainless steel

Rack - stainless steel- TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK

Bar risers - 30mm Flywheel holding tool


Bar spacers Flywheel puller

Riders wrench

Bash plates Footpegs - wide - stainless steel

Rim locks - tyre clamps

Brake caliper pins Fuses

Rim lock spacers

Brake disc guard - new aluminium Gaiters - Progrip

Rim nut and washer set

Brake disc pads Gasket set - cylinder head and base Seat - genuine Yamaha in blue
Brake discs or rotors - front Gasket set - full Athena kit

Seat bolts – long

Brake discs or rotors - rear Gear lever - genuine Yamaha 


Brake discs or rotors - Psychic rear Grips

Shock absorber – top bearing kits

Brake hoses - Venhill stainless Handguards

Shock absorber - refurbishment service

Brake - hydraulic switch for rear brake Handlebars


Brake switch (front) Headlight bulbs

Spanner - mini T or Y bar

Brake reservoir cap bolts Headlights

Spanner - larger Y bars

Cables Ignition switch - new

Spark plugs

Case savers Indicators - originals Speedo heads
Chain and sprockets Indicators - small after-market front set

SpeedoDRD - kph to mph converter

Chain block or protector (2 bolt)

Inner tubes, rim tapes and rim locks

Speedo magnet

Chain block or protector (3 bolt)

LED number plate lights

Speedo sender unit

Chain breaker

Lever pivot bolts

Speedo sender covers-  BACK IN STOCK!

Chain guide parts (2 bolt)


Speedo tab washers

Chain sliders

Light switch - on/off

Sprag clutch - genuine Yamaha 

Chains Light switch - includes indicator and horn buttons

Sprockets and chain

Clutch plate sets and heavy duty springs


Sprocket bolt and nut set - chrome

Clutch holding tool-  BACK IN STOCK!

Magnetic sump plugs

Stainless steel footpegs

Clutch switch

Number plate and number plate light holder

Stainless steel screw set

Decal and graphics sets Number plate light unit

Starter gear cover replacement bolt set

Decompressor plugs

Oil filters

Starter motor

Disc guards - new aluminium - ON SPECIAL OFFER!

Oil filler cap

Starter handlebar switch
Exhaust clamp

Panels, headlight surround and mudguard - new Yamaha parts

Sump guard
Exhaust clamp bolt Petrol cap for metal tank models

Tail tidy  

Exhaust cover - stainless steel guard Petrol cap vent hose

Tubes and rim tapes

Exhaust heat guard bolt & washer set Petrol pipe and Jubilee clips

Tyre valve seals

Exhaust seal/gasket Petrol tap - complete unit for blue TTRs

Valve Shims

  Petrol tap - complete unit for white TTRs

Wheel spanner



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TTR "Extras" here - lots more goodies for your TTR!





All Balls Repair Kits - best prices in the UK!

Totally TTRs stocks the full range of All Balls repair kits for the TTR250 ready for immediate despatch. Click in the Part column below to follow a live link to the All Balls website where it shows you exactly what is in each kit.

Unless otherwise stated the kits fit ALL TTR models back to1993 - ignore the model dates on the All Balls site.


Ref. No.

Cost excluding p&p

Wheel Bearing and seal kit - front - for plastic tank TTRs 1999 on. Includes a 6003 bearing for LHS and a 6202 for the RHS. 25-1059 £7.50
Wheel Bearing and seal kit - front - metal tank TTRs OE and Raid models 1993-1999. As above but includes an oil seal for RH side which isn't in the kit. 25-1059 +
oil seal
Wheel Bearing and seal kit - rear 25-1021 £26.00
Wheel Spacer Kit - front - we now supply only the genuine Yamaha LH (disc) side spacer only - see here. We can also supply the genuine Yamaha RH spacer (this only applies to metal tank TTRs OE and Raid models 1993-1999) for £9.50 each - see here.    
Wheel Spacer Kit - rear - the All Balls kit is no longer available but Totally TTRs can supply the genuine Yamaha LH and RH spacers (fits all TTR250 models) - see    
Crankshaft Bearing Kit 24-1033 £30.80
Steering Bearing and Seal Kit 22-1024 £24.00
Chain Roller - Upper - the bolt supplied in the kit is too short for the TTR. If you have lost your nut and bolt then these (original Yamaha parts) are available for an extra £2 79-5008 £12.30
Fork Bushing Kit - includes two snap rings 38-6063 £27.50
Fork Seal & Dust Seal Kit - on older TTRs, the retaining "snap ring" is quite often rusted through. We can supply new snap rings (genuine Yamaha) at £5 per pair when ordered with an All Balls kit. 56-136 £21.00
Fork Seal Kit only 55-122 £10.50
Dust Seal Kit only 57-117 £11.50
Swing Arm Bearing & Seal Kit - installation guide here - the LH end metal cover can often be damaged by the chain - new genuine Yamaha covers are available at £4.86 each when purchased with the All Balls kit 28-1096 £32.40
Linkage Bearing & Seal Kit - installation guide here 27-1094 £56.80
Lower Rear Shock Bearing Kit 29-5013 £14.95
Front Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit - or a genuine Yamaha repair kit here 18-1018 £15.00
Rear Brake Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit 18-1007 £14.95

Please email sales[@] (remove square brackets) with your order. We are happy to combine posting with any of our other items.

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Engine and Gearbox

Yamaha TTR250 or TT250-R (all models) magnetic sump / oil drain "Gold Plugs"  now made in Stainless Steel (also fits TTR125E and many other models!)

The "Gold Plug" is the top of the range de-luxe magnetic sump plug (complete with crush washer) which is a direct replacement for the standard factory fitted plug
Traps small metal filings & metallic which might otherwise be held in suspension in the bikes engine oil and re-circulated thus increasing engine component wear.

Made of stainless steel, it is an excellent early warning indicator as to the condition of your TTR's engine.
 Just wipe the plug clean and refit at every oil change. Fitting instructions here

£10.50 plus p&p

TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R (all models) - Spark Plugs - as recommended by Yamaha for your TTR250.

Standard Copper Core CR9E - £5.00 plus p&p

Iridium IX - CR9EIX - £7.20 plus p&p




TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R head and base gasket set - fits all models and years

Single Yamaha replacements are very expensive, these two gaskets are all you usually need for a top end rebuild.

£23 plus p&p











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Exhaust Systems

TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R custom exhaust header pipe in stainless steel - fits all models and years including the Raid - BACK IN STOCK!


I have had a few header pipes made up in good quality polished stainless steel by a local firm who specialise in making exhausts for Ferraris, Porches etc! They have welded on captive nuts to hold the standard TTR heat shield. These shorty pipes are not available from any other supplier to the best of my knowledge.



Apparently a shorter header pipe such as this produces more power on a TTR whereas a bigger bore header pipe doesn't. 

Fred from QLD, Australia, said "By the way, the “Shorty pipe” I got off of you last order is amazing and works a treat.  Different bike completely!"

Another customer on the TTR250 forum said : "Have already fitted the short primary pipe available from Totally TTRs and noticed an improvement in mid-range torque."

I think it looks very good plus, for riders into any kind of travel e.g. long distance self supporting adventure overlanding, it gives space to mount a tool kit/lock/stand combo on the lower front frame tube - see Robin Webb's TTR on the Salt & Gold DVD.

£115 plus p&p  

Exhaust gaskets that fit between the header pipe and the "muffler" are now available - see TTR Extras here


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TTR250 new exhaust stainless steel guard - fits all models that use the standard exhaust


The TTR exhaust cleans up easily and a quick respray makes them look like new except for if you have a damaged guard. The guards are susceptible to damage and most I see have dents or deep scratches in them. I have therefore had some replacement guards made up which are easy to fit - see here

It is difficult to get a good photo of these lovely new guards because of reflections. The first photo above show the new guard on the right reflecting the ceiling and fluorescent light in my workshop!

The second photo is clearer and shows a guard fitted.

An excellent replacement for the original which Yamaha does not sell separately.

£12 plus p&p


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MOTAD 100% Stainless Steel Silencers

More power, lighter than standard and the quietest after-market silencer available!

Fully road legal and stamped accordingly.

The photo shows a Motad fitted to my own project bike. It is superb bit of kit!

Click here for more information and pics!

£214 plus courier charge





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Air and Oil Filters

Yamaha TTR 250 TTR250 TT250R Twin Air Filter - fits all models including the Raid

Twin Air Filter's design, high quality materials and superior construction deliver unbeatable performance and protection. They are designed to increase airflow while ensuring the highest level of protection from dirt/dust.

  • Coarse open-pore foam catches airborne dirt, grime and sand.

  • Fine open-pore inner foam acts as a second filter to trap the smallest particles while ensuring maximum air passage.

  • Exclusively formulated adhesive ensures glue seams will not break down.

  • Thick, flat foam, greaseless sealing ring ensures maximum contact with your airbox, while acting as a breathable gasket for increased air passage.

  • Fused outer and inner elements prevent dirt and grime from being lodged between layers, unlike Twin Air, this can be a problem with inferior two-piece designs.

Don't forget to oil the filter with proper foam air filter oil before installing it. Advice on cleaning and oiling your filter here 

£15.00 plus p&p




TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R  : paper oil filter - fits all models inc. the Raid

Paper oil filter - excellent filtration properties but gives a slightly lower rate of oil flow as a result.

Equivalent to HiFlo HF141


£3.75 each or £14 for 4 plus p&p


TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R : Filtrex Heavy Duty re-usable mesh oil filter - fits all models inc. the Raid

We have now sourced a good quality Filtrex mesh filter which is more like the original Yamaha "concertina" type. It has excellent filtration properties and gives a slightly higher rate of oil flow than the paper filters.
Equivalent to HiFlo HF142 and Champion X313 so they also fit:
Yamaha WR250F N-P (01-02)
Yamaha YZ250 F-N-P (01-02)
Yamaha WR400F (99-01)
Yamaha YZ400F (98-99)
Yamaha WR426F (01-02)
Yamaha YZ426F (00-02)

£3.75 each or £14 for 4 plus p&p

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Wheels and Tyres

TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R riders wrench or spanner

The wrench on the left of the picture is from the TTR toolkit and is a 24/22mm whereas it should be 24/17mm!

 I have had a 24/17mm wrenches made which can be used on both front and rear wheel nuts

Laser cut from 5mm steel sheet to a size that will fit in the TTR toolkit replacing the existing wrong-sized wrench

They also fit Honda XR and CRF230, Suzuki DR and DRZ, Yamaha WR125R and TTR250 - Other sizes available for other Makes & Models - just email me to ask

£9 each plus p&p


Tyre Air Valve Seals

  • Seals & Supports your inner tube valve stems
  • Helps keep mud & water out of the tyre
  • After removing the nut on the valve stem, replace it with a pair of these rubber seals to support the stem while allowing it to move should the tyre slip on the rim
  • Pack of two for £2.00 plus p&p






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    2" lowering link - fits all models and years including the Raid  - AWAITING STOCK!

    ·Bike too tall? Having trouble getting your leg over?? Improve riding comfort & stability with this lowering link which will take the seat height down by 2”.


    Made in AW 6082 T6 Aluminium Alloy supplied by ISO 9002 registered supplier. After manufacture the links are chemically stripped and then anodised to provide protective coating. Bearings are high quality caged needle roller bearings rather than the un-caged variety. R23 seals are used which have a dust lip to prevent damage to main sealing lip.

    Fitting instructions here

    £99 plus p&p


    Speedo parts inc. sender covers & case savers


    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R Case Saver - 1999-2010 "blue tanked" mechanical speedo models only!

    The Case Saver is engineered to help prevent the case from getting damaged in the event of chain derailment. Made in the UK by Chameleon Engineering from 6061 billet aluminium, and has a brushed natural finish. It is embossed with the TT-R logo and looks very nice indeed!

    NB NOT suitable for 15T sprockets as the chain can rub.

    Stainless fixing bolts included.

    £24 inc p&p within the UK.








    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R Speedometer pickup exchange for all purple-wheeled models with digital speedo including the Raid

    This is the electronic pickup which is the usual culprit when the digital speedo stops working. All purple-wheeled TTR 250s have these.  The retail price of the speedo sender unit (part number 4GY-83755-01) was £125 inc. VAT in June 2014 which made me gulp when I had to find a replacement!

    Since then I have found out from Sergey, a Russian TTR owner, that it is possible to repair these units. I have now found someone that has the skill and is willing to repair the senders for me and fully test them.

    For repair or exchange, if you are in the UK, send £35 by Bank Transfer or £36 by PayPal  and post me your sender unit (as shown in the picture) I will either send you by return a fully working and tested unit or, if the gasket on your unit is damaged then I will send your unit for repair and return it to you as I have been unable to source replacement gaskets.

    I can accept a cheque if sent with the sender but would not return a working unit until it has cleared which can take 7-10 days.

    I am happy to offer the service overseas and any additional shipping cost would depend on your location.

    I am sorry but I can no longer offer to sell the units outright as we sold the last few units outright with no exchange and therefore we now have no stock.

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R Speedometer magnet exchange for all purple-wheeled models including the Raid

      This is an exchange offer for your broken magnet.


    This is the magnet "rotor" which fits on the end of the engine sprocket drive. It turns with the sprocket to give a magnetic pulse reading to the digital sender unit which in turn registers your speed on the digital speedometer.  All purple wheeled TTR 250s have these and they are known to break up rendering your speedo useless. 

    To Exchange a broken for a good magnet: If you are in the UK, send £35 by Bank Transfer or £36 by PayPal  and post me your old TTR250 magnet - as long as the outer body is  complete it can be repaired - then I will send you by return a tested working magnet. The retail price of a new magnet is nearly £70 delivered so this is a good deal.

    I can accept a cheque if sent with your magnet but would not return a good magnet until a cheque has cleared which can take 7-10 days.

    If you want to buy a good magnet outright rather than on an exchange basis the cost is £50 plus p&p

    Payment by Bank Transfer or Paypal preferred. A cheque is acceptable but would have to be cleared before the sender unit is despatched.

    I am happy to offer the service overseas and any additional shipping cost would depend on your location.

    PS If you need a replacement magnet retaining nut these are available here

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R Speedo tab washers - "blue" plastic-tank models only

    A common failure in the speedo drive unit is for the 3-tab washer to oval out and slip losing drive to the cable. This is usually caused by some grit jamming up the worm gears in the drive unit.


    Yamaha no longer sell the tabs individually and the alternative, until now, was a complete new speedo drive unit at £80.

    We have had some new washers laser cut out of stainless steel and there is a very good chance that they will provide a long-term fix as long as the drive unit is thoroughly cleaned and the worm gears run smoothly.


    If your plain washers are badly worn then we can supply genuine new Yamaha washers at an additional £2 each.


    Some help with the repair available here.

    £6.50 plus p&p.  Grab yourself a bargain!

    PS if the worm gears are damaged then genuine new Yamaha speedo drives are now available here

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    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R Speedometer Sender cover - fits all metal-tanked models with digital speedo including the Raid NOT blue tanked models


    Fed up with the original huge plastic cover getting clogged with mud and making access to the chain difficult? Well, here is my own bespoke aluminium solution - only available from TotallyTTRs

    Simple but effective. It totally replaces the huge plastic monstrosity and comes with new stainless steel fixing bolts. Takes about 5 minutes to fit £22.50 plus p&p.


    An excellent range of steel and alloy sprockets is now available from Totally TTRs!

    Quality Renthal chains at good prices available for complete sprocket and chain sets.

    Follow this link to additional page with more details and prices -


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    Brakes (Pads, Rotors and Controls)

    Yamaha TTR 250 TTR250 TT250R new rear brake disc guard - fits all years and models EXCEPT the Raid  - ON SPECIAL OFFER!

    Protect your brake disc with this bespoke guard made for Totally TTRs by a Devon firm. Not available anywhere else.

    Supplied with stainless steel bolts and washers ready to fit into the existing threaded holes in your TTR250 swing arm.

    It will NOT fit the Raid which has only one fixing hole.

    £10 plus p&p (normally £15)





    Yamaha TTR 250 TTR250 TT250R rear brake disc or rotor - fits all years and models including the Raid

    Best quality lightweight stainless steel rotor. Laser cut from a good durable product at an excellent price!

    • Heat treatment of stainless steel AISI 420 stainless
    • Excellent heat dissipation
    • Thickness: 4 mm (0.16'')

    My brother has just fitted one to his TTR250 Open Enduro as shown in the second picture. He reckons that it has improved the rear brake compared to the standard disc he was running.

    £32 plus p&p

    Six genuine Yamaha disc bolts available for £13.20 extra



    Yamaha TTR 250 TTR250 TT250R front brake disc or rotor - fits all years and models including the Raid 

    Best quality lightweight stainless steel rotor. Laser cut from a good durable product at an excellent price! Matches the rear disc listed above.

    I fitted one of these front discs to my
    TTR250 along with the brake pads I advertise below and spent three days trail riding in the sloppy wet Welsh lanes around Radnor. I am happy to report that the combo worked perfectly ;-)


    NB If fitting new pads at the same time, please make sure you fully retract the calipers to prevent any possible binding. Also, use the front brake gently until the pads bed in.

    £32 plus p&p


    Six genuine Yamaha disc bolts available for £13.20 extra




    Yamaha TTR 250 TTR250 TT250R Psychic rear brake disc  - fits all years and models including the Raid NOT SUITABLE WHERE THE MAJORITY OF USE IS OFF ROAD

    A luxury high quality alternative lightweight stainless steel rotor complete with 6 new stainless steel torque-headed counter-sunk bolts


    Price reduced to £42 plus p&p






    Yamaha TTR 250 TTR250 TT250R front and rear disc pads - fit all years and models including the Raid

    Excellent quality sintered disc pads. I use these on my trail TTR and they have good feel AND last well!


    Recommended for "extremely wet or abrasive conditions".

    £12 per pair (front or rear) or £23 for both front and rear -  plus p&p

    Replacement new brake caliper pins available here



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    Bash & Skid Plates, Frame and Disc Guards

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R New Alloy Sump guard - fit all models and years including the Raid


    Made in UK especially for Totally TTRs
    High grade 5083 4mm aluminium (Aluminium 5083 is renowned for its outstanding performance in intense environments.
    Highly resistant to corrosion in both seawater and industrial chemical environments. 5083 has the highest strength of the non-heat treatable alloys)
    • Protects sump plus right & left casings and lower downtube
    • Complete with stainless steel fitting brackets, captive nuts, bolts & washers - the strongest fitting system of all the bash plates I have seen for the TTR
    • Just fitted an oil cooler to my TTR and our sump guard clears it nicely whereas the old CRD bashplate didn't!
    • Pre-drilled oil drain hole - no need for removal to drain oil
    • Comprehensive fitting instructions

    These sell quickly so don't wait to bag a superb bit of Devonshire engineering!!

    The first buyer to fit their new bashplate emailed "I must say that I am delighted. "

    Mark Brazier emailed to say "Your bashplate fitted perfectly and was a bike lifesaver over the weekend! It even drew some very favourable comment from the others I was riding with. The quality of its construction is superb."

    Colin from Cumbria emailed to say "Your bash plate fitted perfectly, a fine piece of British engineering!"

    Jeff from New Zealand emailed "I've just fitted the "Sussex" Bash Plate and it looks a real treat. Simple as hell to fit. I had to question myself that I had missed something, as it went on so easily."

    Ian Phillips from Australia said "Arrived in 8 days. Very pleased with the instruction sheet, the process is very clear and thanks for including the torque settings."

    £90 plus p&p  

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    Handlebars, Handguards, Levers and Controls

    For Risers see here and here

    Enduro (or Dakar) High bars - Renthal 613s - and extra long clutch and throttle cables - fit all models and years including the Raid



    These are the tallest 7/8" Renthals available. I use these on my own TTR along with 6mm spacers.

    I am about 6' tall and find the extra height encourages me to stand up more plus the extra width gives great control.

    Enduro High bars with bar pad - £36 plus p&p




    The downside of fitting high bars and/or bar risers is that you may find that you need longer cables. I am able to supply these having had a batch of top quality cables made up especially for Totally TTRs by Venhill. These are long enough (15cm longer than the standard cables) to also allow the use of bar risers with the high bars.

    Extra long clutch cable £20.50 plus p&p

    Extra long throttle cable pair - £28.00 plus p&p

    Clutch and throttle cable set - £47.50 plus p&p

    Renthal Bar and the clutch + throttle cable set - £82 plus p&p

    The cables are especially made for Totally TTRs by Venhill so it’s best to follow their advice on installation and maintenance see

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R levers - fit all models and years including the Raid

    Good quality alloy levers as used on my own TTRs. They are a mid-length lever and fit nicely inside handguards without catching.

    Clutch lever - £4.60 plus p&p

    Brake lever - £5.95 plus p&p

    Save & buy both for £10 plus p&p

    If you need new clutch and/or brake lever pivot bolts, see here


    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R (all models) -  Progrip grips

    Really nice Progrip Soft Touch "Cross" grips

    NB these grips are MX sized - 115mm long which may require trimming back the throttle tube

    801 -  blue/grey (look good on blue TTRs)

    793 -  black/grey (look good on the white TTRs)

    £10.50 plus p&p







    New in - open ended grips!

    These are 125mm long so a good fit on the standard throttle tube

    An alternative set of grips in black only. They make life a bit easier if you have wrap around hand guards as you don't have to saw or cut the end of the grips!

    NB A "closed end" version is also available at the same price!

    £10.50 plus p&p





    Polisport "Integral" handguards - fits all models and years including the Raid







    I use these on my own TTR and they are really good. They have taken some very heavy knocks with no problem at all. They don't have metal inserts but that doesn't seem to be an issue!

    The guards come with an integral spoiler - see pic above.

    Blue or White - £18.50 plus p&p

    You will need to cut the ends off your grips to fit. On the throttle side, the whole end of the grip has to be cut off so that the end of it is flush with the end of the white plastic throttle it doesn’t rub on the handguard. The throttle has got to be able to snap shut if you let it go. I have found the neatest way to cut the grips is to use a junior hacksaw and take it gently.

    If you don't fancy cutting your grips, and perhaps need new ones anyway, there are alternative open-ended grips available (I use these now) - see here.

    NB: If you are not replacing hand guards you may need a mounting kit that fits into the open ends of the handlebars. Please specify whether a 14mm or 18mm kit is needed. The size refers to the internal diameter of your handlebars. Most Renthal bars are 14mm and the standard steel TTR bars need the 18mm kit. £8 if added to your order

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    Fuel Tank and Carburation System


    Acerbis 22lt TTR250 tank - David Lambeth - Rally and Overland - sells these tanks on eBay with a fitting kit he has made up himself as Acerbis no longer make them.

    Nomad rear tank options, 4.5lt up to 8lt -

    Custom fitting of the Honda XR250/400 and or 600/650 after-market tanks -

    Acerbis / IMS / Clarke - Safari Tanks supply these tanks in sizes from 17lt up (some cases there is a 40lt that may fit). IMS are here

    Carburettor Jets & Needles

    Jets are available in the UK from Allens Performance Ltd, Unit B9, Moorbridge Road, Bingham, Notts, NG13 8GG - tel. no. 01949 836733, fax. 01949 836734

    Bike Bandit in the US can supply Keihin and Mikuni carb jets. See also Sudco

    Please let sponsored link owners know you saw them on TotallyTTRs!

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    Seats, Luggage, Luggage Racks, Mirrors and Windscreens

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R seat covers - fits all models except Raids - ONLY BLACK CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

    Smarten up your bike, & protect your seat foam with one of our new, plain blue or black fitted seat covers.  We have seen a few styles but really like these with their stitched and shaped seams front and back to make it easy enough to fit yourself with a staple gun

       £37.00 plus p&p








    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R long headed seat bolts - fits all models

    Get your seat off (or back on) quick - these are too sexy for words. No more fumbling through an inch of mud for the standard bolt heads! Once loosened they easily undo by hand. Similarly, put 'em back nearly all the way by hand and you just need a spanner for a final tweak.

    Specially made for Totally TTRs by a local engineer from Marine Grade 316 B stainless steel and are supplied with stainless steel washers.

           £9.45 pair plus p&p


    David Lambeth - Rally and Overland - sells seat covers for the Raid model.

    Please let sponsored link owners know you saw them on TotallyTTRs

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    Lights and Electrics

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R Polisport headlight - blue MMX or white EMX


    - Meets all necessary CE and DOT standards;
    - Universal fitting;
    - With anti-vibration rubber straps;
    - Light weight;
    - High impact lenses;
    - High/Low bulb and 3rd light;
    - 12V 35W/35W headlamp bulb;
    - 12V 4W running light;
    - weighs only 625g;
    - Headlight extensions included.

    An excellent match for the TTR's plastics

    £46.00 plus p&p - plus we include 5 free spade connectors as these are smaller than usual and saves you the effort of trying to source them!



    PS The ultimate TTR250 headlight upgrade is available here





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    Plastics, Decals and General Stuff!

    SPONSORED ADVERTS/LINKS - Please let sponsored link owners know you saw them on TotallyTTRs

    Decals and after-market plastics

    In the UK, contact Karl Barker, D&D Graphics, email or go to his website at The graphic sets D&D provide are of outstanding quality and make the TTR look better than new! They ship worldwide.

    Here are two of mine dressed up in D&D graphics:

    TTR250 - TTR 250 - TT250R (all models) - brand new Progrip fork gaiters 


    High quality Gaiters - better than originals, available in blue, black or red. My picture shows a black pair fitted to an Open Enduro. Fitting instructions here

    £15.40 plus p&p


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    CONTACT US: Please email enquiries and requests for parts to: sales[@] (remove the square brackets first). I have taken on Mrs TTR (aka Trish) to deal with calls and emails in the first instance which lets me get on with the dirty work of stripping bikes and creating the occasional masterpiece for sale!!!

    UK POSTAGE: We shop around to get the best price to save on cost but if your need is more urgent we can quote for a faster delivery. Naturally we make reductions for multiple items. 

    OVERSEAS POSTAGE: If the parcel is less than 2kg we use Royal Mail’s Airmail service taking 5-7 working days and you may be given the choice whether or not to insure depending on the parcels value. Heavier items are couriered fully tracked. We shop around to get the best price for you and quote with the option of insurance. A tracking number is sent to you for your information. If you choose not to insure the parcel and it doesn't arrive the onus will be on the customer to seek compensation due if any.  Please be aware that Totally TTRs is not responsible for any tax or customs duty that may be payable in your country.

    Customs has the authority to hold and process a package for up to 4 weeks. We will not consider a package “lost in transit” until this time has lapsed. We will not, and cannot, be responsible for the policies and procedures of the Customs of any country.

    PAYMENT: If you would like to purchase & are in the UK, a Bank Transfer is preferred (helps keep our costs down) and is usually instant. We will give you our bank details and when the transfer has been made you email us with your address and contact telephone number for the courier if appropriate.

    International bank transfers are expensive and we will only consider this option if the customer is prepared to pick up the charges - sorry!

    If you are paying by PayPal please send the money to sales[@] (remove the square brackets first). Please check the address on the PayPal receipt is correct before sending and If you want the parts sent to a different address let us know.

    If you can’t do a bank transfer & don’t have a PayPal account, we can send a PayPal invoice which can be paid by credit or debit card. Cheques are accepted but require clearance before parts are posted so you may wait 7-10 days to get your order.

    CURRENCY CONVERSION: Get a rough idea of what parts cost in your currency, use a currency conversion site such as

    Brian and Trish Sussex

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