Product no.: TTR-0027

Venhill stainless rear brake hose - new part

Fits all Yamaha TTR250 models including the Raid.

These are the best after-market hoses I have seen and are a perfect replacement for the standard brake hoses.

All Venhill motorcycle brake and clutch lines are built to meet or exceed DOT and TUV requirements, and factory tested to 1500psi. Each line features smooth bore
DuPont Teflon hosing for heat resistance, and marine grade stainless braiding to help eliminate expansion and transmit sustained braking force to your caliper.
Dome-headed banjo bolts and 303 stainless steel swivel unions allow perfect twist-free alignment every time.

Their brake hoses are developed from OEM items, to offer:

  • improved performance

  • durability and

  • smoother control feel

Available in black or blue

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Product no.: TTR-0032

All Balls Rear Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit - Fits all models including the Raid


Kit Contents










Description QTY per Kit
Cup Seal, Master Cylinder 1
Cup Seal, Master Cylinder 1
Washer 2
Boot 1
O'Ring Kit 1
Spring 1
Snap Ring 1
Snap Ring 1
£23.50 *

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