TTR 250 Bash Plate - Sump guard

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TT250R New Alloy Sump guard - fit all models and years including the Raid

Made in UK especially for Totally TTRs

High grade 5083 4mm aluminium (Aluminium 5083 is renowned for its outstanding performance in intense environments.

Highly resistant to corrosion in both seawater and industrial chemical environments. 5083 has the highest strength of the non-heat treatable alloys)

  • Protects sump plus right & left casings and lower downtube
  • Complete with stainless steel fitting brackets, captive nuts, bolts & washers - the strongest fitting system of all the bash plates I have seen for the TTR
  • Just fitted an oil cooler to my TTR and our sump guard clears it nicely whereas the old CRD bashplate didn't!
  • Pre-drilled oil drain hole - no need for removal to drain oil
  • Comprehensive fitting instructions here

These sell quickly so don't wait to bag a superb bit of Devonshire engineering!!

The first buyer to fit their new bashplate emailed "I must say that I am delighted. "

Mark Brazier emailed to say "Your bashplate fitted perfectly and was a bike lifesaver over the weekend! It even drew some very favourable comment from the others I was riding with. The quality of its construction is superb."

Colin from Cumbria emailed to say "Your bash plate fitted perfectly, a fine piece of British engineering!"

Jeff from New Zealand emailed "I've just fitted the "Sussex" Bash Plate and it looks a real treat. Simple as hell to fit. I had to question myself that I had missed something, as it went on so easily."

Ian Phillips from Australia said "Arrived in 8 days. Very pleased with the bash plate and the great fixing instructions in the link.


They fit 100% perfect and come with all fixing bolts and foam frame protectors.


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