Product no.: TTR-0124

Aluminium Decompressor Plug
These little beauties are made especially for Totally TTRs from an aluminium blank on a lathe. They are fitted with a Viton O ring to ensure an oil tight and long-lasting seal

The original rubber plug is prone to leaking and seems to have a limited life. I can't guarantee it but these should last a whole lot longer - if not for the life of the bike.

Simply remove the old rubber plug and clean up the socket. Unscrew the retaining bolt. Grease the new plug and just push it fully into the socket by hand - no force needed. Screw the retaining bolt back in (don't forget its copper sealing washer!) and job done. New retaining bolt and washer set available from this shop.

Pictorial fitting guide here

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Product no.: TTR-0122

 TT250R decompressor bolt and copper washer - fits all models

Some owners have had oil leaks from this bolt. Not expensive to fit this new bolt and copper washer combo.

Genuine new Yamaha parts.

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Product no.: TTR-0123

Yamaha TTR250 - genuine new Yamaha decompressor plug - fits all TTR250 models

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