Product no.: TTR-0244

Brand new after-market number plate light unit that is an excellent replacement for the original whose retail price is over £77! I tried a few and this one is the best match for size and shape. 

They are 90mm wide x 30mm tall with a black plastic body. They are E-marked.

The first photo shows one loosely fitted to one of our tail tidies. The latest version of the tail tidy is pre-drilled to take this light unit so no drilling to do - just bolt it on!

The lead on the switch is a bit too short and will need grafting onto the connector end of your broken light unit. Only two leads to join!

Rear_light3   Rear_light1

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Product no.: TTR-0111

The Stainless Steel Tail Tidy - Number Plate Replacement Unit

We are asked regularly by owners for a more compact number plate holder to replace a broken one or just to be able to stow the original so as not to damage it on the lanes in the event of a fall

Having broken my own unit, I was prompted to design this strong & versatile replacement that looked good & wouldn't rust

Manufactured locally from 2mm laser cut stainless steel

Fashioned to take a number plate light unit or single central LED bulb

Super strong and a really nice bit of kit for your bike.

Moulded to fit the three sub-frame tabs that locate the original unit - sadly the US model TTRs lack these tabs so the tidy won't fit. (please check the photo below, even if you are only left with the two outside tabs, they will still work for you)

You will need to adjust the middle tab, to get the rquired angle you desire.

Tailtidy6   Tailtidy2  

Tailtidy3   Tailtidy4   


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