Product no.: TTR-0250

Petrol cap with 2 keys.

Fits all original TTR250 metal petrol tanks.

Brand new after market petrol cap.

Virtually identical to the original!

£12.00 *

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Product no.: TTR-0253

Petrol tap or petcock repair kit

Full repair kit for both blue and white TTR petrol taps

£10.00 *

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Product no.: TTR-0252

Petrol pipe and Jubilee clips - fits all models

This kit is a useful replacement for the original

£5.00 *

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Product no.: TTR-0254

Petrol tap - fits all blue plastic-tanked TTR models

Genuine Yamaha part.


£52.00 *

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Product no.: TTR-0255

Brand new after market complete petrol tap for metal tank TTR models

Includes the rubber gasket.

The reserve tube is about 25mm shorter than the original which means that it reduces the reserve fuel by about a litre but could easily be extended if required. 

PS Also fits a Kawasaki KE 125 as well apparently!

£12.00 *

In stock