Product no.: TTR-0263


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LH white panel for metal-tanked OE models - brand new genuine Yamaha panel

The decal is easily removable if it doesn't match your TTR. Use a hair dryer to gently soften the adhesive, peel off the decal and wipe the panel clean with panel wipe or similar solvent.

Rear view of panel below:


NB: Postage for these may exceed that quoted because of the panel size. We will notify you with a revised quote if that is the case.

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Product no.: TTR-0266

 M6 Phillips head stainless steel screws with stainless steel washers  pack of 6

Handy for your toolbox 

Useful for holding the headlight (uses 3) and side panels (uses 2) 6 in the packet so you'll have a spare!

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