Product no.: TTR-0264

Right-hand white side panel - brand new genuine Yamaha part (Cover 2)

Fits the 1993-1999 Yamaha TTR250 metal-tanked models

The decal is easily removable if it doesn't match your TTR. Use a hair dryer to gently soften the adhesive, peel off the decal and wipe the panel clean with panel wipe or similar solvent.

Rear view of panel below:


NB: Postage for these may exceed that quoted because of the panel size. We will notify you with a revised quote if that is the case.

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Product no.: TTR-0183

Stainless Steel Guard Trim for the Rear Exhaust 

The TTR exhaust itself cleans up easily and a quick respray makes them look like new if only it wasn't for that battered metal trim that lets it down!

I have had new trims manufactured from polished stainless steel with fixing holes ready made to fit exactly

Replacement is easy - see here

It is difficult to get a good photo of these lovely new guards because of reflections. The photo below shows the new guard on the right reflecting the ceiling and fluorescent light in my workshop!

An excellent replacement for the original not available from Yamaha


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Product no.: TTR-0266

 M6 Phillips head stainless steel screws with stainless steel washers  pack of 6

Handy for your toolbox 

Useful for holding the headlight (uses 3) and side panels (uses 2) 6 in the packet so you'll have a spare!

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Product no.: TTR-0703

Genuine Right hand side panel bolt, with large head.

No Need for the usual fiddling around, trying to find a screw and washer any more!

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