Product no.: TTR-0269

TT250R seat covers - fits all models except Raids

Smarten up your bike, & protect your seat foam with one of our gripper plain black fitted seat covers.  We have seen a few styles but really like these with their stitched and shaped front seam which makes it easy to fit yourself with a staple gun.

This YouTube video might help with the fitting process -

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Product no.: TTR-0268

TT250R long-headed seat bolts - fits all models. Also fits Yamaha WR250R and WR250X models

Get your seat off (or back on) faster with a pair of these

No more fumbling through an inch of mud for the standard bolt heads!

Once loosened they easily undo by hand

Similarly, put 'em back nearly all the way by hand and you just need a spanner for a final tweak

Specially made for Totally TTRs by a local engineer from Marine Grade 316 B stainless steel and are supplied with stainless steel washers


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