Product no.: TTR-0278

TT250R Speedo tab washers - "blue" plastic-tank models only (I am reliably informed they also work on Serows!)


A common failure in the speedo drive unit is for the 3-tab washer to oval out and slip losing drive to the cable. This is usually caused by some grit jamming up the worm gears in the drive unit.


Yamaha no longer sell the tabs individually and the alternative, until now, was a complete new speedo drive unit at £80.


We have had some new washers laser cut out of stainless steel and there is a very good chance that they will provide a long-term fix as long as the drive unit is thoroughly cleaned and the worm gears run smoothly.


If your plain washers are badly worn then we can supply genuine new Yamaha washers avalaible in the shop.


Some help with the repair available here.


PS if the worm gears are damaged then genuine new Yamaha speedo drives are available in our shop.



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Product no.: TTR-0275

There are 2 plain washers in the speedo drive gear of analogue speedo "blue" TTRs.

If you are replacing the tab washer, please examine the plain washers at the same time. They are often worn, damaged and/or rusty.

Give your new tab washer the best possible chance by replacing the plain washers at the same time!

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