Product no.: TTR-0293

2" Lowering Link - fits all models and years including the Raid 

Bike too tall? Having trouble getting your leg over?? Improve riding comfort & stability with this lowering link which will take the seat height down by 2".

Made in AW 6082 T6 Aluminium Alloy supplied by ISO 9002 registered supplier. Bearings are high quality caged needle roller bearings rather than the un-caged variety. R23 seals are used which have a dust lip to prevent damage to main sealing lip.

Fitting instructions here


*Disclaimer: Lowering the front and/or rear of your motorcycle will change the geometry and could change the handling, use caution after making changes/adjustments, to make sure you ride safe.

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Product no.: TTR-0680

New shocks are no longer available from Yamaha :-(

Myself and Brian Sussex have rebuilt an old one of mine, using the parts from the shop TTR-0843 and TTR-0438

See this guide for full details on fitting a replacement seal head to your TTR250 rear shock absorber. Not as hard as it seemed ;-)

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