TTR250 Riders wrench or spanner- 24x17mm

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TT250R riders wrench or spanner

IMPORTANT - we are selling the spanner on the left of the pic with the green tick - an original OEM spanner from a TTR250 toolkit is included for comparison purposes only!

The wrench on the right of the picture is from the TTR toolkit and is a 24/22mm whereas it should be 24/17mm!

I have had a 24/17mm wrenches made which can be used on both front and rear wheel nuts

Laser cut from 5mm steel sheet to a size that will fit in the TTR toolkit replacing the existing wrong-sized wrench

They also fit Honda XR and CRF230, Suzuki DR and DRZ, Yamaha WR125R and TTR250 - Other sizes available for other Makes & Models - just email me to ask

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