Piston Kit - Wossner 2.00mm

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Wossner Pistons - full kit including rings, gudgeon pin and circlips.

Fits all models of TTR250 including the Raid.

I use these pistons on all my rebores and am very pleased with the results. More info here.

The pistons have the same compression ratio as the standard piston - 10.2:1

Replacement rings for Wossner pistons are available from the shop.

Piston Oversizes Piston Kit
Size (mm) Part No.
72.95 Standard 8646DA
73.45 +0.5 8646D050
73.95 +1.0 8646D100
74.45 +1.5 8646D150
74.95 +2.0 8646D200


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Gasket - Head & Base aftermarket gasket set Gasket - Head & Base aftermarket gasket set
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