Product no.: TTR-0392

Speedometer pickup exchange for all purple-wheeled models with digital speedo including the Raid

This is the electronic pickup which is the usual culprit when the digital speedo stops working. All purple-wheeled TTR 250s have these.

These have been fully repaired professionally.

If you are in the UK, post us your sender unit (as shown in the picture) I will either send you by return a fully working and tested unit or, if the gasket on your unit is damaged then I will send your unit for repair and return it to you as I have been unable to source replacement gaskets.

I am happy to offer the service overseas, though you would still need to send me your old one.

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Product no.: TTR-0521

Mount for the sender unit on digital speedo models (most purple-wheed Raids and OEs).


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In stock

Product no.: TTR-0353

TT250R Digital Speedo and mount complete with fully working high beam, neutral and indicator warning lights - fits all purple-wheeled models including the Raid

An opportunity to buy a guaranteed working speedo! These very rarely come up for sale in working order. Not sure when I would get another one in.


Grab yourself a bargain, these are expensive new. You can only buy the complete assembly from a Yamaha parts dealer at over £750 retail!






£190.00 *

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