Product no.: TTR-0393

TT250R Speedometer magnet exchange for all purple-wheeled models including the Raid



This is an exchange offer for your broken magnet.


This is the magnet "rotor" which fits on the end of the engine sprocket drive. It turns with the sprocket to give a magnetic pulse reading to the digital sender unit which in turn registers your speed on the digital speedometer.  All purple wheeled TTR 250s have these and they are known to break up rendering your speedo useless. 


To exchange a broken for a good magnet: Post me your old TTR250 magnet - as long as the outer body is  complete it can be repaired - then I will send you by return a tested working magnet. The retail price of a new magnet is  over £90, so this is a good deal.





PS If you need a replacement magnet retaining nut these are available here



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Product no.: TTR-0276

 TT250R speedo magnet retaining nut - fits "white" models with digital speedos

Genuine new Yamaha part.

£2.05 *

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