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This is a great opportunity to buy a complete fully rebuilt engine. I rode the bike that this engine is fitted to and it is truly great!

Brian has pulled out all the stops on this engine and it is first class. Here is what Brian has to say.......

"The engine was rebuilt about 400 miles ago and was fitted with a new sprag clutch, timing chain, piston rings, magnetic sump plug and clutch plates.

The cylinder head has been refurbished with the valves lapped in and fitted with new valve stem oil seals. The valve clearances have been set.

The engine currently has a kickstart fitted but, if this isn't required by the new owner it can be removed and the price reduced by £149 bringing the price down to £750.

 A Totally TTRs aluminium replacement decompressor plug has been fitted.

The engine number has a 4PX prefix. It is from a 2004 TTR that was broken for spares because of a damaged frame.

The engine was tested in my own TTR and did another 200 miles with no faults identified.

It starts and pulls well and the gearbox & clutch are good."

The engine will be sold with the inlet manifold but no carb, starter motor, exhaust, sprocket, gear or kickstart lever - it will be as you see in the pictures where it is out of the bike.

Ideally the buyer would collect or arrange their own courier to collect. This is up for discussion with prospective buyers.

I honestly don't think you could buy anything better and, with a kicker, it is a fantastic engine.

No need to run it in, just fit it and ride :-)



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