All Balls Carburettor repair kit - (1999 to 2016 - all models)

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All Balls
Carburetor Repair Kit TTR 250

Here is what all balls say about the kits......

Type:   Rebuild Kit
Sold as:   Each
  • Kits include most of the components necessary to repair a carburetor: O-rings, gaskets, jets, needle, mixture screw, float bowl screws, float valve needle and seat.
  • Nitrile rubber material is used on all O-rings and rubber gaskets.
  • High performance Interface gasket material is used for all paper gasket applications.
  • OEM jet sizes are included in the kit.

Here is what I have added after some fitting issues.....

  • I have added 2 x Carb diaphragm O ring seals to the kits (not in the main picture) and the 2 screws for the diaphragm cover.
  • Correct fitting screws and locking washers x3 have been added to the All Balls kits, for the float bowl cover.
  • I have also supplied correct fitting O ring for the pilot screw, as the All Balls one is too small.


  • If your carb is leaking fuel at the bottom, you may also need to order a new diaphragm.


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Carb Stub / Inlet Manifold - genuine Yamaha part Carb Stub / Inlet Manifold - genuine Yamaha part
£64.00 *
Carb Diaphragm - genuine Yamaha part Carb Diaphragm - genuine Yamaha part
£42.00 *
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