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Speedo Cable - original Yamaha

Product no.: TTR-0272

£38.00 *
Still in stock

TTR250 Speedo DRD - converts kmh to mph etc

Product no.: TTR-0273

£58.50 *

Speedo Drive Washer each - plain - genuine Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-0275

£2.20 *
In stock

Speedo Magnet Retaining Nut - genuine Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-0276

£2.05 *
In stock

Speedo sender Cover for models with digital speedo

Product no.: TTR-0277

£22.50 *
Still in stock

Speedo 3 point Tab Washer - blue models

Product no.: TTR-0278

£6.50 *
In stock

Speedometer magnet exchange for TTRs with digital speedos

Product no.: TTR-0393

£42.00 *
In stock

Speedometer sender exchange for digital speedos

Product no.: TTR-0392

£45.00 *
In stock

Speedometer Sender - Genuine Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-0710

£80.00 *

Speedometer magnet - Genuine Yamaha

Product no.: TTR-0715

£93.50 *
In stock

Speedo Cable Holder - Genuine Yamaha Part

Product no.: TTR-0702

£20.00 *
In stock

Speedo sender mount - used

Product no.: TTR-0521

£50.00 *
In stock

Cable guide for digital speedos - used

Product no.: TTR-0729

£4.50 *
In stock

Damper for digital speedos

Product no.: TTR-0724

£1.00 *
In stock

R clip for digital speedos

Product no.: TTR-0728

£0.20 *
In stock

Digital speedo mounting bolts with washers

Product no.: TTR-0731

£0.25 *
In stock
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