Petrol/fuel - tanks, taps, caps, pipes

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Petrol Cap & keys - after market

Product no.: TTR-0250

£12.00 *
Still in stock

Petrol Cap vent pipe - plastic tank models

Product no.: TTR-0251

£7.15 *
In stock

Petrol pipe and Jubilee clips set

Product no.: TTR-0252

£6.12 *
In stock

Petrol Tap (Petcock) Repair kit

Product no.: TTR-0253

£8.00 *
In stock

Petrol tap for blue TTRs - genuine Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-0254

£52.00 *
In stock

Petrol tap for metal petrol tanks - after market

Product no.: TTR-0255

£12.00 *
In stock

Acerbis Petrol Tank

Product no.: TTR-0675

£288.00 *

Petrol Tap for blue plastic petrol tank models - after market

Product no.: TTR-0430

£17.40 *
In stock

Acerbis Locking Fuel Cap

Product no.: TTR-0718

£22.00 *

Blue petrol tank plastic mount - genuine Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-0464

£19.60 *
In stock

Tank Fixing Bolt and Washer - Blue tanks - Genuine Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-0468

£3.80 *
Still in stock

Blue petrol tank grommet

Product no.: TTR-0489

£4.40 *
In stock

Collar for blue petrol tank grommets

Product no.: TTR-0621

£1.95 *
In stock

Petrol tap O ring - genuine new Yamaha part

Product no.: TTR-1000

£2.20 *
In stock
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