Totally TTRs fitting kit for Acerbis 22 litre tank to metal tank Open Enduro

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Here we have a bespoke fitting kit, to install the Acerbis 22ltr Fuel tank to an Open Enduro.

This kit has been designed by myself and Brian Sussex  (the TTR Guru). The tank we used when designing and refining these mounting parts, was one bought for a Honda XR650L (22L capacity, in white). So we recommend that you buy this tank when using our TTR mounting kit. The tanks are in the shop.

We have made the kit to be incredibly strong and the fitting as easy as possible.

To get fitting instructions click here and for a video click here.

Also the tank has been made to fit as low as possible and feels really nice on the bike :-)

All the nuts, bolts, washers and brackets come in the kits. All you will need to add is some Loctite.


*Please note this kit is NOT for the Blue plastic tank bikes or the Raid models*

Anyone wanting to fit to a Raid, please contact me.



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