Bar Risers Multi-height - 4 stages from 20mm to 35mm

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Bar risers - Fits all TTR250 models including the Raid - but not Fatbars. Also fits Yamaha WR250R and WR250X models

Brand new risers made specifically for Yamaha Dirt and Dual Sport bikes with 7/8" handlebars 

The kit includes spacers needed to give a choice of 4 heights with appropriate longer sets of four stainless steel bolts

Five minute install - no changes necessary in cables, etc. 

Fits into the original bar mounts and allows you to raise the bars in increments of 5mm - 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 35mm.

Raising your handlebars by even a small amount will make your bike more comfortable. If you feel awkward when standing, like you may fall forward if you touch the brakes, or if you feel like you are constantly leaning forward on the bars when riding straight and level, raising the handlebar height will make all the difference. The bike feels more controllable, standing or sitting. Saves lower back pains and aching wrists when riding!


Product Note Status Price
Bar Risers - 30mm Bar Risers - 30mm
£26.00 *
Handlebars - Renthal Dakar Enduro High bars with bar pad Handlebars - Renthal Dakar Enduro High bars with bar pad
£63.00 *
Bar Riser Spacers pair - 6mm Bar Riser Spacers pair - 6mm
£5.50 *
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