Product no.: TTR-0294

Rear shock top bearing kit - will fit all Open Enduro white and blue TTR250 models - but NOT the Raid

The kit completely replaces all of the components in the top shock absorber mounting.

Developed by the late Andy "Fixer" Lander-Stow when faced with a £72 bill for the genuine Yamaha parts needed for the job!

The bushes are made from Polyurethane, the spacer is stainless steel and more than enough silicone grease is included to do the job (Please note we cannot include the grease with international orders due to shipping restrictions)

The kit includes a spreader bolt, nuts and washer to enable an easy'ish' fitment.

Full instructions can be downloaded 

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Product no.: TTR-0680

New shocks are no longer available from Yamaha :-(

Myself and Brian Sussex have rebuilt an old one of mine, using the parts from the shop TTR-0843 and TTR-0438

See this guide for full details on fitting a replacement seal head to your TTR250 rear shock absorber. Not as hard as it seemed ;-)

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Product no.: TTR-0855

Genuine Yamaha bolt for the lower part of the rear shock

No 12 in the picture



Can be the culprit of unwanted movement.

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