Open Enduro frame with V5 - perfect base for a project!

Product no.: TTR-0898

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Open Enduro frame with V5 - really good condition and ideal for anyone starting a project.

All fixing tabs and threads good.

Can easily be adapted to take a blue plastic tank by adding a mounting bracket on the frame. The rest of the panels etc will fit straight on.

Ideally needs to be blasted and powder coated .

The purple frame is from a metal-tanked Open Enduro first registered in the UK in September 1999 and declared as manufactured in 1994.

Frame number matches V5. The engine number is shown on the V5 as "Not Known"  so you can put whatever engine you have into it.

There are some MOT certificates with the last expiring in March 2006. Currently on SORN.

Please be aware that the postage will be different from the shop charges, as it is very large and will need to be couriered.

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