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 We only sell the Renthal Works 520 R3 O Ring . After a lot of practical research on the roads and green lanes of Devon, these chains have proved to give exceptional service. Also fits Yamaha WR250R and WR250X models

It is a 116 link chain which fits all the combinations of TTR250, WR250R/X and WR250F sprockets that we sell although it will need some links taking out for smaller sprocket sets. This is easily done with a chain breaker. Guide to shortening a chain here.

This 520 o-ring chain is designed for the extreme rigours of off road use.

  • Renthal's gold R3-2 O-ring chain has been upgraded with a host of improvements to offer a stronger, longer lasting chain
  • Features 10% increase in chain wear life
  • 15% greater shock-pin resistance and roller-fatigue strength
  • 7% greater overall fatigue strength
  • Weight is the same as the original R3 chain
  • Average tensile strength is now 7,644 lbs.
  • Nitrile O-rings which retain a special vacuum-injected grease around the pin and bushing area
  • High-carbon alloy steel pins, solid bushings and rollers, and shot peening of plates and rollers for increased fatigue resistance

The pack contains both a rivet (soft) and a split link plus rubber gloves and sticker.

NB The original chain and sprockets on a Raid are 428 so this chain will only fit if the sprockets are upgraded at the same time to match.



Product Note Status Price
Rivet Link for Renthal R3 chains Rivet Link for Renthal R3 chains
£4.50 *
Split Link for Renthal R3 chains Split Link for Renthal R3 chains
£3.50 *
Chain Breaker/Splitter tool Chain Breaker/Splitter tool
£10.00 *
Sprocket - Tab washer - front Sprocket - Tab washer - front
£3.25 *
Frame guard or "tensioner" kit - genuine Yamaha parts Frame guard or "tensioner" kit - genuine Yamaha parts
£10.50 *
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